From Asylum to Asylum!

And now…the rest of the story…
I want to share an amazing testimony of one of our CBC students here in Hong Kong. He is currently seeking asylum in Hong Kong and we will just call him “Sam.”

In an evening of sharing our personal testimonies, “Sam” began to share: He said, “I am from a country in central Africa. I was “baptized” as a baby and went to church every Sunday. On one particular Sunday when I was 16 years old, near the door of the church a friend that I had not seen for a while approached me. He said very sternly, ‘What are you doing here?’ His question made me look down to see if something was wrong with my suit or if I did not have my Bible…both were fine and I asked what he meant as we headed into church. He sat down with me and from the time to music began until the end of the  service he sat and explained Jesus to me in a way that I had never known before. My pastor might’ve said the same words at some point in all those Sundays, but I never “heard” it with my heart. God had revealed Himself to me so personally that morning! He came to life inside of me and I was born again!

I left the church singing and dancing in the love of God. I was actually singing the hymns from my heart and meaning every word! The change was so apparent and my joy was so overwhelming that my parents literally thought that I had gone crazy.  They placed me in an insane asylum where I was chained and drugged for two years. When I came out of the asylum I was not allowed to finish high school. I wasn’t singing and dancing anymore, but my faith in God was still “quietly strong.”

I went to work in the marketplace on the roadside with my father and when he died, I became the sole provider for my family. Due to a respiratory condition I became unable to continue to work in that marketplace because it was on a dusty roadside. So I went to work with my uncle.

He made trips to Hong Kong and after relaying stories, I thought to myself, ‘I will go to Hong Kong. That will be a way out for me.’(This reminds me of the prodigal son when he “came to himself” and decided to return to his father’s house!) I talked a friend into letting me purchased his identity from him to get travel papers to Hong Kong! After arriving here I went to the authorities seeking asylum so that I would not have to return to my country. When they asked me why I wanted asylum, I knew that I had lied about my identity and I didn’t think the truth would get me anywhere, I didn’t know what to say…so I made something up!

Then I met a woman, Kathryn Thompson (another current CBC student) who asked me if I had ever heard of Andrew Wommack. I said that I had not and she told me I could listen to his teaching for free on his website. I had no money as I was not allowed to work while seeking asylum, so I began to listen to his teaching. After listening to his teaching, I realized that Andrew had had a similar experience to mine on March 23rd, 1968! I was not crazy! And God was with me as He had always been!

I went back to the authorities and told them the truth about what my family had done to me and that I was afraid for my life to return to my country. I was totally amazed when told me that now I had sufficient grounds to apply for asylum! During the time I was seeking God, God was making a way. The laws have changed so that because of what my family did to me, I now have a case to stay in Hong Kong!”

“Sam” has just recently taken an intelligence test to see if he will be allowed to take the GED exam.  I know that his results will be great! He has been coming to Charis Bible College Hong Kong for 6 weeks now! Please pray for him as he seeks God and a new home where he can be free to sing and dance in God’s love without persecution!

God confirms and reassures me on a regular basis that I am in the right place at the right time. This is one of the many reasons I am here. I love and thank you for sending me and so does “Sam!”

God, You are amazing!…and amazingly GOOD!

Love, Carol

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