1st Blog!

Hi everyone! Have some extra time on my hands while waiting for the business end of CBC Hong Kong to be finalized so I thought I would actually get into this Blog Page and write something! LOL Better late than never, right?

Please check back after my newsletters go out to see the full version. I send it to Autumn, who makes it a bit more concise, but I thought some of you might want to know (as Paul Harvey would say)…the rest of the story.

But today I just wanted to tell you again how GOOD GOD IS! Got up this morning and checked my email and felt a bit discouraged and frustrated at the setbacks in getting things rolling here in HK. It was a beautiful morning so I thought I’d take a walk into town. Sai Kung, the area I live in, is like a little town within a huge city. I have often walked into town at a pretty clippy pace for exercise, but this morning the weather was so beautiful I sensed the Lord telling me to take this walk a bit more slowly.

There are many little picnic areas along the way. They call them “country parks” here and they have BBQ areas and picnic tables. They line the waterfront and so I walked into each one on the way into town and paused to take in the beauty of the place that God has blessed me with to live for this season. Wow! Have I been missing it! The greenery…the sunlight sparkling off the water…the butterflies…the breeze coming off the water… and the wonder of my Daddy God!

I stopped along the way to appreciate some guys windsurfing and kayaking, then continued on into town with such a different attitude. I had shed a few tears of frustration before I left the house and by the time I got into town (at my normal pace 35 minutes, but today, an hour and a half) I had tears of gratitude and love in my eyes for the beauty of the place I have been given to enjoy while I wait for things to get rolling!

Thank you, Daddy…I love you!

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  1. Bonnie Ortmann says:

    So nice to see you today. I want to keep up with what is happening in your life and Ministry.

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